NEW: Half Of Me

Geri Halliwell – Half Of Me

Geri has been threatening us with new music for years, but this is rather shockingly her first single since 2005’s ‘Desire‘, (and no, we can’t remember that one either).

This is either so bad it’s awfully horrendous, or so bad it’s a little bit charming. The lyrics are the worst we can recall hearing in 2013, presumably thanks to Halliwell co-writing this, and the melody is so basic it’s practically non-existing. It functions as a spoof but scarily we think Ginger is actually deadly serious about this effort. The video is a confusing affair with random shirtless men, dancing teddybears, choral sing-language and threesomes abound.

Only Geri would even dream of releasing something like this. It’s all a bit incomprehensible and thus is making our brain melt down.

SONG RATING: 2/10 – unless listened to ironically for some laughs.


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