NEW: Better Man

Aiden – Better Man

Aiden Grimshaw, formerly of X Factor fame and more recently responsible for three of our favourite songs released in 2012, has done a Miley. By which we regrettably don’t mean that he has taken all his clothes off and posed legs akimbo on a giant wrecking ball. Rather, in way of rebranding himself, he has taken all his clothes off and posed with many a snake. He also now goes by the considerably shorter name of Aiden, presumably in an effort to distance himself from that other famous Grimshaw, as well as cultivating a more alternative, left-field and darker image for himself. But will the new material be anywhere close to his previous effort which we genuinely did rate highly?

Well, Aiden has chucked a new 4 track EP online, which you can stream for full here. ‘Satisy Me’ is very much intended as the buzz single from the EP, not only featuring a slightly-scary Thaddaeus Tribbett on angry-speaking duties, but also coming as it does with a strobe light and snake doused ‘visual.‘ It’s not that ‘Satisfy Me’ doesn’t satisfy us, indeed with a few tweaks here and there we can imagine an enjoyable album track emerge from the song, but unfortunately it sounds a little too try-hard and tastemaker-ish for us.

Our favourite track from the EP is ‘Better Man’. Although it is nowhere near perfect, experimental EPs are not the place to search for perfection, and we can definitely see potential in the track. Particularly when Aiden sings ‘I just wannna beeeeeeeeee’, there is the possibility for an all-out 90s house hands-in-the-air moment, perhaps in the style of Chase & Status’ ‘Count On Me.‘ It is slightly disappointing that the song doesn’t kick off in the way we can hear it proper ‘going for it’ in our heads. Nonetheless as it is, with its strong lyrics and hypnotic electronic bleeps, ‘Better Man’ is certainly worth a listen.

VERDICT: 7/10 for Better Man


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