Song of the Week

Song Of The Week

Breaking all the rules cos we don’t care, like Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs only a hundred times more badass, we’re bringing you song of the week on Hump-day. This week’s choice is just the tonic the doctor ordered to keep you pushing through your week.

Chase & Status – Alive

When we posted our review of Alive’s host album, ‘Brand New Machine’, we weren’t so keen on the song. We thought it was a bit of a middling affair. How wrong could we be? Rumoured to be the third release from the album ‘Alive’ delights us with its perfect blend of chill and elevation. When it soars to an inevitable breakdown, we want to express ourselves via a tame softcore version of the Coventry Dubstep Skank, an extra special dance move from our repertoire which rarely sees the light of day.

Are there many things better than ‘Alive’ in our life right now? No. It’s a rarity to find a song that genuinely enhances our existence as much as this one has managed to. Chase & Status just keep getting better and better and we are not complaining. (We would, however, like an eight minute extended mix of the song, please and thankyou.)


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