NEW: Loving You Is Easy

Union J – Loving You Is Easy

Union J’s excellent first single, ‘Carry You‘, must surely be one of our favourite pop singles released in 2013. Second single ‘Beautiful Life‘ just didn’t do it for us in the same way, sounding as it does to our ears like something a reunited Take That might release, except for the obvious lyrical appeal to a younger demographic. Earlier this month the boys announced that ‘Loving You Is Easy’ will be their third single.

One thing that immediately grabbed us upon first listen is the remarkable similarities between all three singles. They can all be described as mid-tempo and essentially ballads with a ‘boy loves girl’ narrative. Despite the fact that ‘Loving You Is Easy’ is not as supreme as ‘Carry You’, it is still a rather enjoyable romp, and we do enjoy not only the concept of Union J as a boyband but also -crucially – we enjoy their output. At a time when JLS are splitting up, One Direction are “maturing” their sound and McBusted are forming, it somehow makes sense for a band like Union J to exist, particularly when they are busy doing things like this cover of Bastille’s megahit ‘Pompeii.’ (We must also mention here that ‘Save The Last Dance‘ from their album is an incredible stand out track with plenty of panache and an extremely danceable chorus.)

The falsetto in ‘Loving You is Easy’  sounds a little uncomfortable and at this point it makes sense to realise that the one and only Jason Derulo wrote the song. Nonetheless we definitely give this song a thumbs up.

RATING: 8/10


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