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From The Archives: 2010 Top Singles

In time-honoured tradition December is the month that a ‘best singles of the year’ post must be made and ours will go online in due course. As popfools has only existed since 2013, we thought we’d bring you some archive footage in the meantime to share with you our favourite singles from previous years.

2010 top singles

Originally posted 25 Dec 2010. Edited for publication December 2013.

Shakira Islands

40. Dynamite – Taio Cruz
A certified TUUUUUUUNE to finish with, although we of course preferred the JLo remix to the original cut.

39. Get Outta My Way – Kylie Minogue
Our second-most played song this year, so obviously we think it’s brilliant, but we’ve overplayed it. Whilst Kylie does the whole dancepop gay cliché well, we do feel it’s simply not as musically credible as other songs within the top 40.

38. Your Love Is My Drug – Ke$ha
Does this contain the best ending to a pop song ever? ‘I like your beard (giggles).’ It very well could be. It’s also a catchy as anything tune too. Well done Ke$ha.

37. All Night Long – Alexandra Burke
This is without a doubt ABurke’s best single even if does sound like a copy of Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’. Fortunately Alexandra doesn’t beat her boyfriends, so we are able to enjoy this guilt free, except for the unnecessary addition of Pitbull for one of the single edits of the song.

36. One Shot – JLS
‘One Shot’ is a high point from an otherwise disappointing year from JLS.

35. Firework – Katy Perry
Who fails to smile when they hear the ‘plastic bag’ line?  This is the second best single Katy Perry has ever released. And it’s not too bad. Basically, despite the fact that we don’t really like Katy Perry as a popstar, we find ourselves loving (some of) her output.

34. TiK ToK – Ke$ha
Hard to believe this song is technically a 2010 release since it was around on the December/January cusp this time last year. We think that all that needs to be said about this song has already been said. You either love it or hate it. We’ll let you decide which camp we fall in to.

33. I Am Not a Robot – Marina & The Diamonds
Marina has made our year for making this song. It may not be in the top 10 but singing along to the first few lines of this in a ridiculously high-pitched voice has been one of our favourite pop song based moments of 2010.

Marina Robot

32. 2012 – Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj
This may be by-numbers R&B but it is enjoyable.

31. All The Lovers – Kylie Minogue
Kylie returned graciously, sublimely, and seductively with this tune. Whilst as a rule of thumb we prefer Uptempo Kylie, Midtempo and Downtempo Kylie can give that good time girl a run for her money, and this song did it for us. Amazing. Beuatiful. Perfect.

30. Rocket – Goldfrapp
Goldfrapp have a special place in our heart and their releases this year, whilst nowhere near as commercially successful as anyone would have ideally liked, have been up there with anything in their back catalogue.

29. Barbara Streisand – Duck Sauce
Just because.

28. Blah Blah Blah – Ke$ha featuring 3OH!3 
On one hand it’s so wrong it should just be wrong but on the other it’s amazing. Guess which side won out?

27. I Need Air – Magnetic Man featuring Angela Hunte)
One of the biggest electronic tunes of the year.

26. Nothin On You – Lupe Fiasco featuring Bruno Mars
This song was initially meant for Lupe to smash the charts with before he argued with his record label, and hence it ended up with BoB, a far inferior talent in our opinion. Had this not happened ‘Airplanes’ (or ‘Aeroplanes’ to us non-Americans) would not have been inflicted on our airwaves. And then Hayley Williams would not think she’s the next Katy Perry. So we have many reasons to regret Lupe not managing to release the song. Basically his version is the only one you should be listening to.

25. Won’t Go Quietly – Example
Although we don’t like Example much as a concept or really even as a popstar, he has undeniably produced some cracking material this year, and as such this is his first entry on the list.

Robyn Alone

24. Stereo Love – Edward Maya
The vocals on this song are mixed so beautifully. And of course, you can dance like a twat to this, pretending to play an accordion. Not that we would ever do that whilst in ‘the club’ of course.

23. Katy On a Mission – Katy B

Such original dubstep/pop fusion results in one hell of a track.

22. One (Your Name) – Swedish House Mafia featuring Pharrell
We were listening to this before it became a smash and that’s a true story. As soon as Pharrell laid his vocals on top of ‘One’ we knew it was going to be a megahit. 

21. Ridin’ Solo – Jason Derülo
An empowering anthem for all the single people out there from the talent that is JASON DERRRRRRRULOOOOOOO.

20. Hot – Inna
Inna could be any trashy Eurotrance vocalist and it wouldn’t make a difference to the song. Such is the world of cheap dancepop releases. 

19. Spaceship – Benny Benassi featuring Kelis & APL & Jean-Baptiste
Proving that Kelis has not put a foot wrong this year, her guest spot on this track makes it a fabulous jam.

18. Hole In My Heart – Alphabeat
Anders SG on lead vocals? Yes please! Anders SG in the video lots? Yes please. A great, 90’s house inspired second single? Go on then!!

17. Cry At Films – Bright Light Bright Light
This is the B-side to the second ever release of Popjustice’s record label. And, this release is spot on. This song is so so so so good. So good.

Kelis Scream

16. Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine
This was first released in 2008 but let’s sidestep that fact and instead pretend, like all the mainstream media seem to be doing, that it is a 2010 release. Wow! How amazing. What a song. How she wails. We personally feel it was a bit unnecessary of Florence to record a plushy new video, as the song should stand up for itself, but we understand that she’s got to play the game like everyone else. And the girl is doing well in America too!

15. Way Back Home – Bag Raiders
The ‘Bag Raiders’ released an album this year which is not yet available in the UK. However if this track, along with earlier releases, are anything to go by we are in for a treat next year when the album is released. Plus new single ‘Sunlight’ not only features the vocal talents of Dan Black but also a chimp in the video. It’s like they know the way to our heart.

14. Acapella – Kelis
Unlike the rest of the UK, we were slow to catch on to this song, but when it clicked it clicked in a massive way. There is no better song to shake your arse to than this: FACT.

13. Memories – David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi 
This song has soundtracked many hazy nights out dancing. Plus Cudi is one of our favoured rappers. Enough said.

12. Paper Planes & Spitballs – MC Lars featuring K.Flay
MC Lars is another artist we seriously crush on. This, along with that catchy repeated riff stolen from MIA (who stole it herself…), results in a song which we love. The lyrics are amusing and Lars truly is a genius.

11. Bang Bang Bang – Mark Ronson & The Business INTL featuring Q-Tip & MNDR
A pointless new moniker for Ronson brought about a timely change of direction, and an extremely pleasant surprise in the form of this song, which we sadly haven’t appreciated enough throughout the year.

10. DJ (I Could Be Dancing) – Alphabeat
“Just let the music play”
Oh Alphabeat. We have a musical crush on Alphabeat as anyone who knows us will testify. Indeed this was our most-played song of the year. Congratulations! It’s also the first song we’ve ever purchased on 7”. In addition to these heady achievements, it is also an absolutely amazing song, although sadly about a decade too late for mainstream appreciation and acclaim. Despite this, the fantastic song and even more fantastic video lead to a combination of fantasticness which is almost too much for us to handle. Oh my.

9. Kickstarts – Example
“Might be holding your hand but I’m holding it loose”
Not only did this win the infamous Popjustice Twenty Quid Prize, it also showed Example to be an act capable of producing quality output. Indeed we’ve loved this song since it first came out.

Kele Tenderoni
8. All Time Low – The Wanted

“I can’t even find a place to start / How do I choose between my head and heart”
Radio 1’s refusal to playlist this song despite it hitting number one displays their petulance, and despite the act that ‘The Wanted’ may not be a credible act, this is a very high quality pop song. And that’s despite the fact that you can hear the lyrics coming from a mile off. 

7. Crossfire – Brandon Flowers
“And our dreams will break the boundaries of our fears”
A very pleasant surprise came in the musical form of the very handsome Mr Flowers. Despite generally liking most singles released by The Killers, we didn’t expect very much when we heard that Flowers was plotting a solo release. Fortunately for him the lead single was such a soaring anthem that any doubts were put to bed immediately.

6. 4th Of July (Fireworks) – Kelis
“Nothing I’ll ever say or do / will be as good as loving you”
Initially the stand out track from ‘Flesh Tone’ for us, long before it was announced as the second single, we couldn’t get enough of this song all summer, both prior to and post the 4th of July. With its many remixes, we did overplay it, but nonetheless such a delightful song should be commended and this really does hit all the right buttons.

5. Love Never Dies – Caspa & Mr. Hudson
“I still hear you / I still see you / When I close my eyes”
We’re by no means fans of Mr. Hudson, or his previous output, but this dubstep influenced song has really caught our interest this year. If Mr. Hudson went in this direction with any new material then it could be immense but we don’t suppose he will. Oh well.

4. Dancing On My Own – Robyn
“I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the girl you’re taking home”
What a year it’s been for Robyn with her not-entirely successful trilogy of albums, entitled ‘Body Talk’. She certainly has saturated the market with her particular brand of electro-dancepop for a while. That’s not to say that it hasn’t been refreshing to see an artist try and break the conventional release models of the industry, particularly in an industry rapidly growing ever more digital. The high-points of the campaign, in particular the incredible lead single ‘Dancing On My Own,’ have been spot-on. This excellent article analyses the song to an extreme degree but even without such over-thinking the song remains amazing.3. Islands – Shakira
“I am yours now / so now I don’t ever have to leave”
Shakira has certainly surpassed the original version with her intimate, shimmering, and downright stunning rendition of the ‘The XX’ song. First performed over festival season, and most memorably at Glastonbury, Shakira couldn’t resist recording a studio version to shove on her latest album. And for this we thank her, for the studio version is absolutely divine, fully deserving its placing in the top 5.

2. Scream – Kelis

“It’s not enough to live, so just dream”
And now to our surprise artist of the year. We’ve never been massive fans of Kelis but her musical output this year has been right down our street. It may not have gone down a storm in America, but here in the UK and Europe Kelis’ ‘Flesh Tone’ album is properly appreciated, as the masterful album that it is. Of the three singles released from the album, we initially warmed to Scream the slowest. The music video was also appallingly cheap but despite this there is no denying this song’s status as a complete and utter banger.1. Tenderoni – Kele
“You think you are one of them”
We have a confession to make. When we first heard this song, we thought it would be much improved with a female electropop vocalist such as Luciana taking on the vocal duties. Even now we’re still not always the biggest fan of Kele’s vocals although we do accept that the song thrives on the distortion effect used. Nonetheless this song is our favourite released in 2010.It’s simply an amazing electropop jam, one that sounds best blasted, be it out the car windows or on your headphones.


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