Christmas Playlist

Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Following the success of our holiday playlist feature in summer comes our guide to the top Christmas tunes. As soon as December begins the same tired, old, and most alarmingly shit songs get pulled out every year. In order to combat this we bring you only the very best Christmas songs.

Front Bottoms
‘Christmas Wrapping’ – The Front Bottoms

‘Christmas Wrapping’ has long been an obvious go-to Christmas song of choice for those who loathe the Slade brigade, but this contemporary cover really brings the song up to date in a charmingly lo-fi,bedroom-recorded kind of way. Coming from fun loving American duo The Front Bottoms, they have managed to put their very own take on this slight humbug of a Christmas song. Although the singing in this version does sound a little more like loud talking at some points, it has an innate sense of fun, for example the way ‘oh you forgot cranberries too?’ is emphasised at 2:22. When the breakdown starts, at 2:58, some sleigh bells and delicious hand claps add to the atmosphere.

But how will it score in the battle against our world famous popfoolish criteria…?

References to snow/winter/fire/cold in lyrics? An impressive 9. 9/10

Sleigh bells present? Yes, the sleigh bells are out in force throughout the song, and most impressively they come out to play at the song’s breakdown. Marvellous stuff. 10/10

Other dodgy Christmas sound effects? None. 0/10

Christmas themed lyrics? Why of course. From turkey to cranberries and everything in between, this song jam packs those Christmas references.  10/10

RATING: A contemporary updating of a cult Christmas classic, it’s hard not to enjoy the infectious enthusiasm emitted by The Front Bottoms. They also score well against the criteria, with an impressive 29/40.


Ultimate Christmas Playlist

‘Christmas Wrapping’ – The Front Bottoms – 29
‘I Hate Christmas Parties’ – Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes – 10


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