NEW: Saturday

Rebecca ‘Godbecca’ Black is back with a new song although you’d be right to experience some deja-vu vis-a-vis her new song.

Rebecca Black & Dave Days – Saturday

It’s hard to believe that the world-changing, era-defining, and all around momentous ‘Friday’ from Rebecca Black was released two years ago. After appearing as a central character in the Katy Perry music video TGIF, in what one imagines will remain a career highlight for Rebecca, she’s been struggling to have her newer material be taken seriously. Therefore this release comes as an attention-grabbing, lime-light-hogging, spot-light-chasing ploy to get people talking about her again. Here she collaborates with Dave Days, an annoying rich American kid with far too much spare time on his hands, and a seriously unhealthy obsession with Miley Cyrus.

'So excited' written in the sand... see what she did there?

‘So excited’ written in the sand… see what she did there?

‘Saturday’ is made with tongue firmly in cheek and the irony notch turned up to the maximum. This manifests itself in a cascade of references to ‘Friday, whether lyrically (‘2pm getting out of my bed / Trying to get Friday out of my head’ and also ‘Yesterday was Friday / Today is Saturday’) and particularly through sometimes intelligent, sometimes cringe-worthy visual cues in the video (think writing ‘fun fun fun fun’ on someone’s head in marker pen, or writing ‘we so excited’ in sand on the beach, and you’ll get the idea).

Despite its self-referential and fun-poking nature we can’t help but be disappointed by the song. ‘Friday’ may be a song you love to hate or hate to love, but either way there is no denying that it held a certain je ne sais quoi. The manufactured laptop beats of ‘Saturday’ just don’t deliver the same impact, and though ‘Saturday’ is certainly not as awful as ‘Friday’, it is much much harder to like.

In the video, Rebecca has callously dumped her old friends in favour of some ‘cooler’ kids, but we can’t blame her for this as they do look like more fun.

This dance move is known as the 'obnoxious cereal grab' #onlyGodbecca

This dance move is known as the ‘obnoxious cereal grab’ #onlyGodbecca

Our favourite video moment is Rebecca somewhat obnoxiously grabbing a bowl of cereal from some poor unsuspecting lad. That’s typical Godbecca behaviour right there. Our favourite part of the song is actually when the irritatingly cheap beat drops out a little, at 2:28, for the ‘yesterday was Friday / today is Saturday’ part. Rebecca’s voice genuinely sounds listenable here and we can’t help wishing that the whole song had taken on this sound.

She's a serial cereal muncher

She’s a serial cereal muncher

The song shows that Godbecca doesn’t mind taking the piss out of herself, which is good to see, but more seriously it is also sad that she is so desperately referencing ‘Friday’ at such an early point in her career. Whilst it might be done in humour, it points at an unavoidable and uncomfortable truth: Rebecca is already past the peak of her career at the tender age of 16. Does it get any better than millions upon millions of YouTube views and a starring role in a Katy Perry video? ‘Saturday’ is not the thing which Rebecca needs to help her career along but it is undeniably enjoyable at times.

RATING: 7/10 for we can never be too harsh on something by Rebecca. Nonetheless it’s safe to say this is no ‘Friday’.


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