Christmas Playlist

Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Following the success of our holiday playlist feature in summer comes our guide to the top Christmas tunes. As soon as December begins the same tired, old, and most alarmingly shit songs get pulled out every year. In order to combat this we bring you only the very best Christmas songs.

Wombats Christmas
‘Is This Christmas?’ – The Wombats

For all our sins, we really can’t get enough of this Christmas offering from The Wombats. The intro may feature Les Dennis, and the song may not be as sincere as others on the playlist, but we still find the song very enjoyable. We know that you’re dying to see how it fares against our world famous popfoolish criteria, so without any further ado…

References to snow/winter/fire/cold in lyrics? A grand total of 6. 6/10

Sleigh bells present? They would definitely appear to be present and prevalent throughout sections of the song, namely the verses. 10/10

Other dodgy Christmas sound effects? Does Les Dennis count? The brass sounds festive, and the chiming Christmas bell effect is also (over)used. However that’s about it. We feel sorely disappointed, there was definitely room for more Christmas sounds. 7/10

Christmas themed lyrics? From ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ to tales of burning food, sleigh bells, and red wine, this song is jam packed full of festive fun. We counted 39, and hence have to give an incredible score of  20/10

RATING: The Wombats somehow outdo Goldfrapp with an incredible score of 43/40


Ultimate Christmas Playlist

‘Is This Christmas?’ – The Wombats 43
‘Winter Wonderland’ – Goldfrapp – 37
‘Christmas Tree’ – Lady Gaga ft. Space Cowboy – 31
‘Christmas Wrapping’ – The Front Bottoms – 29
‘A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)’ – Glasvegas – 27
‘X-mas (Let’s Do It Again)’ – Alphabeat – 21
‘I Hate Christmas Parties’ – Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes – 10


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