NEW: Superlove

Charli XCX 2
Charli XCX – SuperLove

It feels like British singer-songwriter Charli XCX has been around for an age and she sort of has. Having released music on an independent label many moons ago, she is currently best known as the writer of surprise megahit ‘I Don’t Care’ by Icona Pop. We have to confess to not having giving Charli very much thought at all, presuming that she is a Marina & The Diamonds and MIA hybrid not really worth giving the time of day to. However given the success of ‘I Don’t Care’, Warner seem to be transforming Charli into more of a mainstream artist, and the first fruits of this strategy can be seen and heard in the release of ‘SuperLove.’

Charli XCX

Released in the UK on 8th December, the song has thus far barely crept into the lower end of the UK Top 75 chart, but that shouldn’t serve as a judgement on the song itself. We do think ‘SuperLove’ sounds rather consciously like something Icona Pop might release, but at the same time it is an undeniably catchy and quality composition, with some addictive beats. ‘SuperLove’ serves as the lead single from a future album, and if it is indicative of the sonic route Charli XCX is pursuing then we will have to keep a very close eye on her from now on.

VERDICT: File under ‘one to watch’. 7/10


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