Blast from the past

Blast From The Past

In this irregular series we will be looking at some of those, ahem, “lost classics”, which we have recently found as a result of taking the cushions off the sofa. Ground rules are that the song in question must be at least ten years old. We are not aiming to pick ‘cheesy’ songs from your youth and ours, but rather remind you of a time when pop music meant much, much more than Nicki Minaj, LMFAO and Taylor Swift. We also wish to remind you of some pop acts whom were actually pretty decent, but of whom you may have forgotten.
Ainslie Henderson
Ainslie Henderson – Keep Me A Secret

We absolutely LOVE this pop gem from 2003. Reaching number 5 in the UK charts back in 2003, Fame Academy contestant Ainslie Henderson has managed that extremely rare thing, to release a true pop classic. The fact that it is self-penned just makes us appreciate the song even more. The catchy and intelligent lyrics are a definite highlight of the song, with such offerings as ‘I’ll keep you out of my dreams / Just you keep me out of yours’, ‘Keep my kissess off your lipstick / Stop me swallowing your charms’, and the all important ‘All I’m asking is for nothing / And if nothing is enough for you / Oh leave it unsaid / Keep me inside your head / Under your breath.’

The simple yet effective melody, light bubbly instrumentation, and perfect vocal delivery are other elements of the song we just completely adore. Every time it comes on we find ourselves singing along and grinning from ear to ear. We truly salute this song as a bonafide pop classic and wish to bestow upon it the highest of all honours, the official popfools seal of approval.


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