NEW: Vanquish – Damn

Vanquish – Damn

Vanquish are a new(ish) girlband hailing from London, currently doing the all important Schools Tour, although they have also supported Westlife in 2012. Take a listen to their debut single ‘Damn.’ We hope you’ll agree that there might, just maybe, be something special about these girls.

All has not been well in girlbandland for a long while. Set against scenes of an improbable boyband revival girlbandland has in comparison been in turmoil. We pin this down to a turbulent chain of events brought about by:

– Girls Aloud’s hiatus, the ‘Beautiful Cos You Love Me’ fiasco, and consequent final split
– Last remaining original Sugababe Keisha leaving being ousted from the band and their subsequent ongoing silence
– Every bloody one of The Saturdays getting pregnant all the time.

Stooshe originally looked very promising but found their sound extremely watered down thanks to Warner’s interference, and struggled to even get their album released, let alone sold in vast quantities. Little Mix have been the underdogs and the pleasant surprise of recent in girlbandland but, despite the fact we really really like some of their output, some being the crucial word, we can’t accept the girls as a concept. We think it’s due to some of the following reasons:

– Because they seem like they appeal as much as, if not more, to pre-pubescent and young teenage girls than gay adult men. Thus they have broken rule number one in girlbandland: MUST. APPEAL. TO. THE. GAYS.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

– Because “Perrie” (what kind of name even is that, by the way?) has consistently sported some of the most awful hair known to man. Thus they have broken rule number two in girlbandland: must look super glamorous and sexy at all times in order to maximise appeal to the gays.

Exhibit C

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit D

– Because until recently we only knew the names of two of the band. We accidentally found out the name of The Third Member after Nick Grimshaw repeated her name about twenty times whilst interviewing her. We still don’t know the name of The Fourth One. We know this could be construed as laziness on our part, but we consume more than our fair share of media, plus we are mega interested in girlbands, and we still don’t know all the names of Little Mix. It’s the fact that we can’t even be bothered to find out that is one problem for Little Mix. Compare this against our encyclopaedic knowledge of many a girlband. It’s almost like Little Mix don’t have – wait for it… – the X Factor.



Anyway, this was all a rather roundabout way of us saying that we feel popworld really needs another decent girlband. One who can both knock out the tunes and have the personality to captivate us. ‘Damn’ seems a good launchpad for such a band. The song is loaded with personality of the sort that Girls Aloud singles always brought to the table. ‘Damn’ is by no means fantastic. Production isn’t amazing – it sounds far too ‘loud’ at points – and the repeat of ‘uh uh’s does grate a little towards the end. However it has something about it that has made us want to listen repeatedly to the song, and blog about it today. Will Vanquish be what girlbandland so desperately needs? Probably not. Do we like ‘Damn’? Yes. ‘Damn’ is set for release in February 2014.

RATING: 7/10


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