Christmas Playlist

Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Following the success of our holiday playlist feature in summer comes our guide to the top Christmas tunes. As soon as December begins the same tired, old, and most alarmingly shit songs get pulled out every year. In order to combat this we bring you only the very best Christmas songs.
Christmas Lights‘Christmas Lights’ – Coldplay

Coldplay are one of those bands who, in our opinion, got too big for their boots and started churning out subpar quality material. ‘Christmas Lights’ from 2010 retained enough of the Coldplay that we fell in love with, and was different enough from the typical Christmas song, to capture our attention. Despite this, the song didn’t light up the UK charts, with a lacklustre performance landing it a peak of #13. We like it, but how will it fares against our world famous popfoolish criteria…?

References to snow/winter/fire/cold in lyrics? We’re going for 13, mainly due to light and Christmas lights evoking images of a dark, cold winter night. 13/10

Sleigh bells present? No. It joins the select club of songs from our Ultimate Christmas Playlist which haven’t included any bells. It’s a brave move. 0/10

Other dodgy Christmas sound effects? Twinkly pianos sound a little Christmassy, as does the starting up of a gramaphone. Meanwhile the fireworks at the end invoke a seasonal New Year feeling. 5/10

Christmas themed lyrics? We’ve counted an impressive 15 references to Christmas and other christmassey items such as candles and Oxford Street. 8/10

RATING:  Coldplay score a rather mediocre 26/40


Ultimate Christmas Playlist

‘Is This Christmas?’ – The Wombats 43
‘All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day’ – Hurts – 38
‘Winter Wonderland’ – Goldfrapp – 37
‘Christmas Tree’ – Lady Gaga ft. Space Cowboy – 31
‘Christmas Wrapping’ – The Front Bottoms – 29
‘A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)’ – Glasvegas – 27
‘Christmas Lights’ – Coldplay – 26
‘Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day (Well, You Deserved It!) – Sufjan Stevens – 24
‘X-mas (Let’s Do It Again)’ – Alphabeat – 21
‘White Winter Hymnal’ – Fleet Foxes – 13
‘I Hate Christmas Parties’ – Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes – 10


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