Christmas Playlist

Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Following the success of our holiday playlist feature in summer comes our guide to the top Christmas tunes. Like all good things in life, our Christmas playlist feature must soon come to an end. But not just yet, as it’s still Christmas Eve! Rejoice as we bring you yet one more tune to add to the list.
Julian Christmas‘I Wish It Was Christmas Today’ – Julian Casablancas

Casablancas, better known for being lead singer of The Strokes, released a rather interesting solo album back in 2009, including the Very Good ‘Left And Right In The Dark‘. Hailing from the same year comes today’s choice: an electro tinged stomper where Julian insists over and over again that he wishes today were Christmas. We’re sorry that it’s only Christmas Eve today Julian, but how will your song fare against our world famous popfoolish criteria?

References to snow/winter/fire/cold in lyrics? There’s two mentions of a sleigh and sleigh bells, sleighs being innately connected to the cold weather in our minds. 2/10

Sleigh bells present? Indeed they are, as they resound joyfully in the song’s intro and outtro, the bridge and they also appear to be somewhere during the chorus. Top marks for effort as those sleigh bells are ringing like their lives depend upon it. 15/10

Other dodgy Christmas sound effects? Just the chiming bell effect which we have come to associate with every single Christmas song ever released. They are used inventively in this song as a kind of driver behind the verses, hence the scoring. 7/10

Christmas themed lyrics? The song repeats ‘I wish it were Christmas today’ many a time. We’re counting a stunning 18 different references to Christmas and Christmas related things such as Santa Claus and ‘ring-a-ding ding’s. 15/10

RATING:  He may have got his days slightly wrong but Julian sneaks into second place with an amazing sore of 39/40


Ultimate Christmas Playlist

‘Is This Christmas?’ – The Wombats 43
‘I Wish It Was Christmas Today’ – Julian Casablancas 39
‘All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day’ – Hurts 38
‘Winter Wonderland’ – Goldfrapp 37
‘Christmas Tree’ – Lady Gaga ft. Space Cowboy 31
‘Christmas Wrapping’ – The Front Bottoms 29
‘A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)’ – Glasvegas 27
‘Christmas Lights’ – Coldplay 26
‘Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day (Well, You Deserved It!) – Sufjan Stevens – 24
‘X-mas (Let’s Do It Again)’ – Alphabeat – 21
‘White Winter Hymnal’ – Fleet Foxes – 13
‘I Hate Christmas Parties’ – Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes – 10


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