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2013 Best Songs: Part II

Better late than never comes Part II to our most popfoolish songs of 2013.

Taylor 2230. Taylor Swift – 22
Released: 31/03/13
UK chart: #9

We are not very big fans of Taylor Swift in general, as she can be rather irritating to say the least. Yet with ‘22’ she hits the bullseye. ‘22’ is an extremely enjoyable light-hearted description of Taylor Swift’s life, with her depicting herself as twee yet somehow just the tiniest bit endearing.

Highlights of the song:
The first line of the song is amazing (‘It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters / And make fun of our exes.’)
‘Uh uh, uh uh.’
Lowlights of the song:
It’s still a Taylor Swift song, sung by Taylor Swift.
Best lyric:
‘Oh / We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time / It’s miserable and magical.’
bastille weight

29. Bastille – Weight of Living Pt I
Not released

This was one of our favourites from the overall disappointing album ‘Bad Blood’ and for good reason, as we described here.

Highlights of the song:
Intelligent lyrics.
The song’s gentle nature.
Lowlights of the song:
Perhaps it’s a little too gentle.
Best lyric:
‘Your albatross, let it go, let it go-ooo-ooo-oo’


28. Nicole Scherzinger – Boomerang

‘Boomerang’ was in many ways a disappointment; never released during Scherzy’s reign as Queen of X Factor, it missed out on valuable Q4 Christmas sales, and added to that was the fact that the ‘teaser’ clip of the chorus rather flattered the song. Even more upsetting was the fact that its disappointing chart performance seems to have stalled any release plans Scherzinger doubtless had for further musical endeavours. That’s a shame because we think Scherzinger could be one of the UK’s best popstars, given her natural talent and charisma.

Highlights of the song:
The chorus.
The ‘woah-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh’ bits.
The video, including its styling.
The fun, popfoolish nature of the song.
Lowlights of the song:
The verses.
Scherzinger having to sing in such a low register on the verses.
‘I’m a boomerang’ – No Scherzy you’re not.
Its rather basic sound.
Best lyric:
‘Now I’m ten feet tall / All my problems feel so small’ and of course the legendary ‘No ceiling to my sky.’
R U Crazy

27. Conor Maynard – R U Crazy?

Mr Maynard does it again. Despite having to our eyes and ears, relatively small amounts of both likeability and feasibility as a popstar, he has somehow gotten his grubby mitts over yet another decent pop song.

Highlights of the song:
Like all Conor Maynard singles, it has a very agreeable beat.
Slightly unusual production, with impressive attention to detail.
The falsetto Timberlake bits fit the song surprisingly well.
Lowlights of the song:
The lyrics are rather juvenile and mean-spirited.
The particularly ridiculous sounding, and grammatically wrong, exclamation from Conor that ‘Nothing sounds more better.’
Best lyric:
N/A with such awful lyrics as these.

Nelly Hey Porsche26. Nelly – Hey Porsche
UK chart: #6

In some of the most unlikely comeback of the year news, Nelly released a very decent single for the first time since 2010’s ‘Just A Dream.’ ‘Hey Porsche’ is a light pop influenced romp through Nellyfield, and whilst it may fall short of the highs of ‘Hot In Herre’ or ‘Tilt Ya Head Back,’ the fact remains that Nelly still has the popfool spirit well and truly in him.

Highlights of the song:
‘Na na na na na na.’
The chirpiness of the song.
Hearing Nelly releasing something decent again, after he was only conspicuous by his absence for quite a while.
Lowlights of the song:
It’s quite a hard song to dance to.
Best lyric:
‘Crazy baby girl there ain’t nothing like ya.’


25. P!nk / featuring Lily Allen – True Love
UK chart: #16

This song was all over the radio when we came back from our trip to South East Asia, and it also marked the welcome return of Lily Allen to the popular music scene. The song may sound like every other upbeat P!nk song released since her ‘Try This’ album, but as we remarked in our review, if it’s not broken then why fix it? The cameo of Lily Allen is short but sweet and adds just the edge to the song necessary to make it brilliant rather than just average.

Highlights of the song:
Lily’s appearance, in both song and video.
Lowlights of the song:
Predictable sound and lyrics.
Best lyric:
‘You’re an arsehole / But I love you’
Chase Status Lost Found24. Chase & Status /featuring Louis M^tters – Lost & Not Found
Released: 26/06/13
UK chart: #9

The welcome return of Chase & Status was heralded with this, lead single ‘Lost & Not Found.’ Although not instantly one of our favourites, the song was a grower, with its class production and decent vocals.

Highlights of the song:
Louis M^tters’ vocal tones.
Tight production skills.
Lowlights of the song:
Not an immediate attention grabber.
Best lyrics:
‘We’re fading away / High off the ground.’
bastille23. Bastille – Oblivion
Not released

A beautiful ballad, this was the other stand out track from the ‘Bad Blood’ album.

Highlights of the song:
Braveness required to have the vocals rather vulnerable, being as they are at the forefront of the mix.
Lowlights of the song:
Too many backing vocals on the chorus. The song doesn’t need them and would probably function better without them.
Best lyric:
‘You always take it further than I ever can.’
Misha B Heres To22. Misha B – Here’s To Everything (Ooh La La)
Released: 28/04/13
UK chart: #35

The delights of ‘Here’s To Everything’ laid in the soaring, hopeful, glorious nature of the song. That it didn’t perform well undoubtedly led to a reported dropping from her record label in addition to the non-release of her debut album. Perhaps Misha was never destined for big things; either way we were delighted with ‘Here’s To Everything.’

Highlights of the song:
Pretty much everything.
Great video.
Lowlights of the song:
That someone felt the need to name the song ‘Here’s To Everything (Ooh La La)’ rather than just ‘Here’s To Everything’, and the explicit needless nod to The Fugees that this entails.
Best lyric:
‘Chasing stars till we are blind.’

21. The Saturdays – Gentleman
UK chart: #14

‘Gentleman’ was the closest yet we have seen The Saturdays girls come to emulating that typically British, slightly bonkers, and extremely fun brand of pop that Girls Aloud so delighted us with. The biggest problem with ‘Gentleman’ was not its bizarre lyrics or the panache with which it was carried out, but simply the basis of the song wasn’t good enough. Its production, its beats, the way it all came together – sadly something was just amiss with the song. Nonetheless we very much appreciate the balls it must have taken for the band to release this, particularly after the relative success of preceding single ‘What About Us?’

Highlights of the song:
‘So 1995.’
‘So 1999.’
The list of gentlemen.
Lowlights of the song:
The way the song actually sounds.
We always get confused whether it’s called ‘Gentleman’ or ‘Gentlemen’ because they discuss both. Very confusing.
Best lyric:
All the lyrics deserve this particular award.


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