NEW: I Luh Ya Papi

What exactly IS Jennifer Lopez’s obsession with ‘Papi’ about? Following 2011’s incredible, era-defining, Fiat-500 sponsored ‘Papi’, we really didn’t think J.Lo would be able to outdo herself in the Papi department. Actually, we think we prefer Papi v.2011, but Papi v.2014 is something rather incredible…

Still J.Lo from the block, but on my private yacht now...

Still J.Lo from the block, but on my private yacht now…

Jennifer Lopez featuring French Montana – I Luh Ya Papi

Here comes a song of two halves. God (J.Lo) truly doth giveth with one hand and taketh away with another. The chorus of this song is all kinds of amazing. Who’d have thought that repeating a nonsensical phrase over and over again would make for a good chorus? Luckily for us, where other popstars are afraid to experiment, J.Lo bravely and fearlessly strides. We find this French man’s ‘rap’ pretty nonoffensive, with references to being ‘real’ and the awesome ‘still J.Lo from da da da BLOCK’ being blatant highlights. We rather enjoy the J.Lo-sung bit after this, the ‘I think I love’ section. We like the bridge, particularly the ‘I ain’t had nothing like YOU in a while’ bit.

The video looks like it's going to be fun...

The video looks like it’s going to be fun…

We’re just not sure there’s much going on in those verses though. It’s like the composer forgot to write a melody.

VERDICT: One thing is for sure. J.Lo truly is one of us. She’s a popfool through and through. 7/10 and that much coveted popfools seal of approval.


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