The Voice UK: Team Kylie

Team Kylie comprises of:

– Leo, ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’. We know Leo is a firm favourite of Kylie’s but he’s got to watch out as Kylie has a lot of other strong singers.
– Jai, ‘Take Your Mamma’. We’re not fans of the affected tone Jai sings with, but in her favour it is very distinctive.
– Jade, ‘Blue Moon’. Jade is local to us here at popfools HQ. Her decision to stray from her pop comfort zone seems risky, and there are some off notes in the song.
– Lee, ‘Careless Whisper’. Like Jai, Lee’s voice is very distinctive. It feels a lot more natural here. Nonetheless he seems a bit of a one trick pony, by taking a song and Muse-ifying it. His performances are also Aiden Grimshaw (X Factor Era) on the scale of intensity. We’re a little scared.
– Femi, ‘California Dreaming’. What velvety tones. Scherzinger would say his voice is smoother than a knife through butter. We’re fans. His downside could be that he is a bit old fashioned in his style, and we would have liked him to sing something slightly different.
– Rachel, ‘New York’. What a great song choice. Clearly nervous, but she could be very strong if she masters those nerves.
– Jamie, ‘Sex On Fire’. A charismatic performance from Jamie.

We pick: Femi, Rachel, Jamie.

Kylie picks: Lee, Jamie, Rachel.

Pictures of our team Kylie (and Sir Tom agrees with us!)

Voice Jamiephemi voiceRachel voice


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