The Voice UK: Team Tom

Team Tom comprises of:

– Celestine, ‘You Might Need Someobdy’. Celestine is cheery and wears a bright blue jumpsuit. She also uses some armography. In fact her hand doesn’t stop moving. She makes a good job of the song. It’s smooth and soulful. It’s not re-inventing the wheel though. Could she have picked a different style?
– ‘Melissa with the pink hair’, ‘I Love Rock N Roll’. She’s wearing some strange ear headband in the VT, and a big flower in her hair on the show. We’re starting to see some diversity from Melissa and we like how she’s tackled the song.
– Gary, ‘Freedom’. You may remember Gary from the whole ‘Caught Up’ catastrophe from the battle round.  Gary may be a vocal coach, but we don’t rate him as a singer. We think he’s average at best.
– Bizzi, ‘When I Need You’. What is an ‘oobly-oobly’?! We’re not keen on the outdated and old-fashioned rendition of the song but despite this, nobody can dent Bizzi’s talent.
– Georgia, Adele’s cousin, ‘Three Little Birds’. Georgia peddles a “quirky” style with this bizzare song choice. We’re actually enjoying the vibe. She’s really giving it her all and sounds a little stretched at times.
– Steven, ‘Grace Kelly’. What a great song choice! A very flamboyant, fun performance. Anyone who can sing that high and remain in tune deserves to go through!!
– Sally, ‘Walk On By’. As expected, a cruise-ship choice from show veteran Sally. She has a nice voice but she won’t sell many records and she’s totally not our cup of tea.

We pick: Melissa, Georgia, Steven.

Kylie picks: Sally, Georgia, Bizzi.

Pictures of our team Tom

Voice Melissa
Voice GeorgiaVoice Steven


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