The Voice UK: Team Will

Team i.am (will) comprises of:

– James, ‘Love Hurts’. He’s wearing some very red lipstick. His mother has barely any teeth. We’re enjoying the song. He seems vulnerable. Will and Tom stand up for him.
– Iesher, could rival Jazz for amount of hair. It adds a good 5 inches to her height. ‘Try It On My Own’. She has a nice giggle on the VT. Her voice has a gorgeous, pure quality.
– Callum, the one who dresses stupidly. Does he think he’s a member of Rough Copy? He’s more than a little try-hard for our taste. ‘Sound Of The Underground’. Strange song choice. He’s no Nadine. It’s a very difficult song to sing and he doesn’t pull it off.
– Jermain, the politician. ‘A House Is Not A Home’, will.i.am’s mum’s favourite song. Will warns him not to ‘Scooby Doo’. It’s a little old-fashioned for us; his voice will either be your thing or it won’t. It’s just not for us.
– Anna, the harp pixie. She’s worried her song choice is safe. ‘Autumn’. We enjoy the har pixie but her voice isn’t the most refined. A stripped back performance.
– Nomakhosi, with a loud family. Will’s steal. ‘Runaway Baby’. A very funky, contemporary choice. She comes alive on stage.
– Sophie, the ‘retro’ 20s stick-thin girl. For some reason she reminds us of an innocent Helen Flannagan. ‘Moon river’. Is this song too low for her? Are nerves kicking in?


We pick: Iesher, Nomakhosi, James.

will.i.am picks: Iesher, Jermain, Sophie.

Pictures of our team will.i.am

Voice IesherVoice No Ma KosiVoice James


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