The Voice UK: Team Ricky

Team Ricky comprises of:

– Jessica, Ricky’s steal, who we don’t think he should have stolen. She seems to have an attitude that she belongs in the competition. ‘La La La’. An inventive ska version of the song but her voice sounds, frankly, awful.
– Chris, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. An enjoyable rendition with some falsetto!
– Beth, ‘Teenage Dirtbag’. Great song choice. A little wobbly but we think that’s the style she was aiming for.
– Christina-Marie, ‘Vision of Love’. We’re not familiar with the original but she deserves to go through.
– Jazz, the girl with a lot of hair. ‘Work It Out’. What an AMAZING song choice. The execution wasn’t amazing though. Shame.
– Max, the Scottish Judo Champion. Some song by Gabrielle Aplin. Maybe ‘Home’? The Scottish accent really came out, and Max looked a little out of his depth. Very boring performance too.
– Emily, the cocky and somewhat unlikeable Christina Aguilera wannabe from Blackpool. ‘Slip’ by Stooshe. What an odd choice! If she was determined to sing Stooshe she should have sung ‘Love Me’.

We pick: Christina-Marie, Chris, Emily.

Ricky picks: Chris, Christina-Marie, Emily.

Pictures of our team Ricky (HE AGREES WITH US! 100%!)

Voice ChristinaVoice ChrisVoice Emily


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