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Britney Does…

In this irregular series we will be exploring how Britney, aka Queen Popfool, has both led and followed musical trends. Today’s example shows Britney executing a Katy Perry song better than Katy Perry could have done it. Fabulous.

Britney Does Katy Perry

'When will this meet and greet be over?'

‘When will this meet and greet be over?’

We’ve already written about Britney’s latest album, ‘Britney Jean,’ and how it disappointed us. ‘Passenger’ hails from said disappointment of an album. We’ve been trying to get into ‘Britney Jean,’ with the thought that repeated listens might make some of the bad tracks seem better. (It hasn’t.) However, ‘Passenger’ has stood out as a highlight of an album otherwise chock-a-block with misdirected EDM and plain awful songs.

‘Passenger’ is Britney doing Katy Perry, as Katy has a co-write on the song and it was rumoured to have originally been intended for Katy herself. Despite the obvious Katy influence and the very audible straining and stretching of Britney’s voice, the results are rather enjoyable to any sane popfool’s ears. And let’s face it, Britney probably has no idea who Katy is. Fabulous.


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