Britney Does / Feature

Britney Does….

In this irregular series we will be exploring how Britney, aka Queen Popfool, has both led and followed musical trends. Today’s example shows how Britney was collaborating with virtual unknown Pharrell Williams years before today’s current stars were even born. 

Britney Does Pharrell

Trendsetter Britney both wearing a hat and collaborating with Pharell, years before anyone else.

Trendsetter Britney both wearing a hat and collaborating with Pharell, years before anyone else.

Our Godney used to be a trendsetter beyond compare. One such example is her unearthing of the previously unknown producer/singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams. Long before Pharrell would have a solo number one top the UK charts on 3 separate occasions, and produce songs for such artists as Daft Punk, Miley Cyrus, Kylie Minogue and Paloma Faith, our Godney knew Pharrell’s hidden worth. Smash hit ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ pioneered the sounds with which Pharrell would go on to replicate to great success (but in far less quality) years later. As any sane popfool knows, ‘Slave’ is in the top 3 of Britney singles. It is incredible. Pharrell also lended his magic touch, and vocal duties, to Brit’s celebratory anthem of all things sexy, ‘Boys.’ Some prefer the original version, whilst others like the official remix with Pharrell’s feature. Both opinions are valid. It is the year 2001, and Britney is the biggest popstar in the world. She helps Pharrell’s production outfit, The Neptunes, to feature on every single urban-pop record released through the next 5 years.

Britney, Pharrell, a hat. The holy trinity.

Britney, Pharrell, a hat. The holy trinity.

Fast-forward 6 years, and Britney releases the best album of her career, amongst doing other things like shaving all her hair off and having a complete and utter mental breakdown. The hashtag #saveBritney is invented, Chris Crocker becomes famous, and fans light candles in churches and #pray4Britney. She again teams up with Pharell for album closing ‘Why Should I Be Sad.’ We haven’t missed a question mark off. It was a statement from Spears, not a question. As the last track of what was to be Britney’s last great and innovative album, it marked the end of the chapter of Britney as an artistic tour de force in pop music. Some say that the Illuminati lobotomised Spears which has resulted in Robotney and the subsequent serious downfall in the artistic and creative quality of her output.

There have been unreleased efforts, such as ‘Sugarfall‘, but the fact remains that nothing Pharrell ever does will match the greatness of ‘Slave.’ How could it?


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