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2014 Top Singles Part 1: 29 – 16

2014 has been an interesting year for pop, despite the relative lack of the usual big hitters. Instead, the UK charts have been overrun by deep house by random producers. But the only chart that matters must surely be Pop Fool’s top singles of the year. Here we count down from number 29 – number 15.

Yes, that is Enrique and a woman's bottom. Cos he's a freak don't you know?

Yes, that is Enrique and a woman’s bottom. Cos he’s a freak don’t you know?

29. Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull – I’m A Freak
UK chart:

How old is Enrique nowadays? Is this “age approriate”? How does Pitbull find the time to guest on everything that Enrique releases? Who knew that one song could spawn so many questions?

Highlights of the song:  The way Enrique sings ‘fre-e-eak’ is quite fun. Pitbull actually adds a little something to this song, particularly with the great lyric ‘I’m a freak / freak / freak / freak / freak / freak / freak / freak’ … well done everybody. Also the “It’s the Cataracs” bit (3:20) – is that the one and only Dev we hear saying this?
Lowlights of the song: The rather cheap sounding synth. The video is a bit of a tragic mess. As we said, how old is Enrique anyway?
Best lyric: ‘Stealing my heart just like a criminal’

Never Say Basement

28. Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never
Released: 27.06.14
UK chart: N/A (#18 On the Indie Chart)

Perhaps one of the more surprising entries, as we didn’t expect Basement Jaxx to jump on the house trend, seeing as they are usually a little more left-field.

Highlights of the song: The chorus, the high-pitched ‘ooh-ooh-ooh-oh’ bits.
Lowlights of the song: It all sounds a little too predictable.
Best lyric: ‘Like a vision of love / You came, you stood / You blew right through me’

Bang bang
27. Jessie J & friends – Bang Bang 
Released: 21.09.14
UK chart: #1

We are not fans of just Jessie, the freaky Ariana Grande, or the ridiculous Minaj, but that we love this song despite the involvement of all 3 is testimony to the song’s strength. Of course, Fleur East’s amazing X Factor performance of the song did it no harm either.

Highlights of the song:  3 of pop’s power players on one full on track? It sounds very current and is a ‘big’ song.
Lowlights of the song: Was Nicki Minaj’s input really necessary?
Best lyric: ‘She might let you hold her hand in school / But I’ma show you how to graduate’

26. Cher Lloyd – Alone With Me
Released: Not as a single, album released 28/07/14
UK chart: N/A

Breaking our own rules, cos we can do what we want, comes an offering from Cher’s generally rather brilliant second album.

Highlights of the song: We’re not really used to a softer side of Cher, but here she plays the part of ‘little miss vulnerable’ very credibly. The chorus is rather lovely.
Lowlights of the song: None
Best lyric: 
‘We can be living large / I’ll take you up to the stars’

Dibby dibby
25. DJ Fresh, Ms Dynamite & Friends – Dibby Dibby Sound
Released: 02.02.14
UK chart: #3

Whichever way you look at it, Ms. Dynamite is a legend. DJ Fresh isn’t bad, either.

Highlights of the song:  This tune sounds dirty. Filthy. Fantastic.
Lowlights of the song: We’re not sure there are any, but if you have the stereo up too loud whilst playing this, then it does sound a bit of a racket, and it might possibly rip your speakers. Bad times.
Best lyric: ‘Dibby-dibby-dibby-dibby’ (you get the idea).

What happened to faces on single artwork? Scared Pitbull's face would scare the tweenage buyers away? Or perhaps worry their mothers...

What happened to faces on single artwork? Scared Pitbull’s face would scare the tweenage buyers away? Or perhaps worry their mothers…

24. Austin Mahone ft. Pitbull – Mmm Yeah
Released: 22.06.14
UK chart: #34

As we said earlier, we have no idea how Pitbull finds the time to pop up literally everywhere, but as with ‘I’m A Freak’, his contribution on this song is actually rather welcome. We don’t much care who Austin Mahone is; we know that he’s a young-ish American, and that he sounds like the popstar that Conor Maynard and Elyar Fox wish they were. Therefore we know enough already.

Highlights of the song: The video looks like N*SYNC called and they want their set back. In other words, amazing. It’s catchy and for once Pitbull doesn’t ruin a good thing.
Lowlights of the song: None.
Best lyric: ‘All that I could say was / Mmm mmm yeah yeah’


23. Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. 
Released: 21.04.14
UK chart: #115

In what has seemed an almost impossibly quiet year for Gags, she did in fact release this wonderful tune.

Highlights of the song: The intro. The bridge is insanely good. The very last second of the song where it sounds like it could segue into the Sugababes’ Get Sexy.
Lowlight of the song: It’s just screaming out for a donk to be put on it and a poppers o clock remix to be made. Yes, there probably are many such remixes out there, but perhaps the official single release should have been such a remix.
Best lyric: ‘I’m gonna wear the tie, want the power to leave you / I’m aiming for full control of this love’ or quite possibly, ‘Love me love me please retweet’.

Thinking Ed
22. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
Released: 14.08.14
UK chart: #1

The funny-looking unlikely ginger male popstar went stratospheric this year, and we put it down, in part, to this sweet ballad.

Highlights of the song: It sounds sincere and sweet and non-offensive and a little bit lovely.
Lowlights of the song: It’s a little MOR.
Best lyric:  ‘Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? / Will your eyes still smile from your cheek? / And darling I will be loving you till we’re 70’

All of John
21. John Legend – All Of Me
Released: 02.09.13 (Didn’t reach top 40 until February 2014)
UK chart: #2

Whilst we’re on boring ballads o clock, it seemed only right to include Legend’s ‘thrilling’ ‘All Of Me’.

Highlights of the song: The chorus is definitely the song’s strong suit.
Lowlights of the song: It’s quite sad, isn’t it? We just want to dance!
Best lyric: ‘You’re my downfall, you’re my muse / My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues’

I like to wiggle my finger

I like to wiggle my finger

20. Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass
Released: 28.09.14
UK chart: #1

She may not be able to spell, but Megan Trainer’s cheery song was the perfect injection of fun that our 2014 singles countdown was crying out for after those two ballads.

Highlights of the song: No treble. Did we mention how fun the video is? It’s fun to dance to.
Lowlights of the song: If we’re being critical, it’s very simplistically musically.
Best lyric: ‘Boys like a little more booty to hold at night’

Cobra Never
19. Cobra Starship ft. Icona Pop – Never Been In Love
Released: Sometime in 2014 in Australia
UK chart: N/A

A song that literally sounds like it is straight out of 2004 is a good song in our books. Particularly when it has as much poppy perkiness as is packed in to ‘Never Been In Love’. It also helps to explain the mystery of exactly what Icona Pop got up to in 2014.

Highlights of the song: ‘Na-na-na-na-na (OOH-OOH!)’ ‘HEY!’ ‘Clooooo-ouds’. ‘Down-down’. ‘I knoooooow, now’. So many choices. This song is like a party from start to finish. Not just any party, oh no. More importantly, it’s a party we wish we’d been invited to. It’s freaking GLORIOUS.
Lowlights of the song: Could Icona Pop have been given a couple more lines by themselves? Cheap video alert. Oh dear.
Best lyric: ‘When you come around round it’s kind of amazing / My head goes through clouds above the rain and I’m never coming down down / Now that you saved me, baby’

Sky Coldplay
18. Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars
Released: 02.05.14
UK chart: #9

Avicii leant his magic hand to this track which livened up Coldplay’s usual dull schtick to become something a lot more attractive (and dance floor friendly).

Highlights of the song: The “get onto the dancefloor” moment at 1:19. Chris Martin is, as ever, on point.
Lowlights of the song: It starts slowly. The fact that the opening chords sounds more than a little like the opening to Eric Saade’s Dev-featuring ‘Hotter Than Fire’.
Best lyric: ‘I don’t care, go on and tear me apart / I don’t care if you do’.

Probz Waves
17. Mr Probz – Waves
Release: 07.02.14
UK chart: #1

Proving that the Dutch often do things better than us, comes Cheryl Cole’s official song of the summer, thanks to X Factor contestant Jack Walton. We digress.

Highlights of the song: Laidback summer vibes, perfect for summer 2014.
Lowlights of the song: None.
Best lyric: ‘I wish I could make it easy/ Easy to love me’

Duke Got U
16. Duke Dumont & Jax Jones – I Got U
Released: 13.01.14
UK chart: #1

Simply sublime. Possibly the very definition of chillout beach. Perfection?

Highlights of the song: Effortless summer vibes. Amazing vocal.
Lowlights of the song: None.
Best lyric: ‘Ask me what I did with my life / I spent it with you’


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