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2014 Top Singles Part II: 15 – 10

2014 has been an interesting year for pop, despite the relative lack of the usual big hitters. Instead, the UK charts have been overrun by deep house by random producers. But the only chart that matters must surely be Pop Fool’s top singles of the year. In case you missed it, check out numbers 30 – 16 here. Working towards the business end of our chart, it’s numbers 15 – 10.

But first we have a little time for a “bonus” entry…

Pitbull ft. Ke$ha – Timber
Released: 29.12.13
UK chart: #1

There are many reasons why this is a “bonus” track, but first and foremost comes the fact that we forgot it. It also was officially released in the UK at the very tail end of December 2013, putting it in that grey area of songs that have been around forever, yet technically not a 2014 release despite only being 3 days away from being so. More importantly, the fact of the matter is that this song was absolutely HUGE in 2014. We don’t feel bad about it technically being by Pitbull, since we like to reimagine ‘Timber’ as a “Ke$ha feat. Pitbull” release instead.

Highlights of the song: That harmonica. “Wooooooah, woaaaaah, wooooh oh oh oh woaaaaa-oh-oh-oh”. Country vibes.
Lowlights of the song: None.
Best lyric: 

And now let the countdown resume…

Kylie Blue

15. Kylie Minogue – Into The Blue
UK chart:

2014 wasn’t a vintage year for the diminutive Aussie, what with shenanigans on The Voice, and some pretty terrible live performances – we suggest you stick to miming for the minute Kyles. Nonetheless, the studio version of ‘Into The Blue’ was another glorious moment of Minogue magic.

Highlights of the song: “Ee-oh-oh-oh-oh”, the intro and the outtro.
Lowlights of the song: Any live performance of the song. Grab those ear muffs.
Best lyric:
‘When I got my back up against the wall / Don’t need no one to rescue me’

She looks like she's seen the Ghost of X Factor past...Steve Brookstein per chance?

She looks like she’s seen the Ghost of X Factor past…Steve Brookstein per chance?

14. Ella Henderson – Ghost
Released: 08.06.14
UK chart: #1

We didn’t much care about Ella Henderson as an artist, and we still don’t. Yet there is no denying that ‘Ghost’ was a massive smash, and that without the constant plugging from X Factor.

Highlights of the song: The bridge, the chrous, the middle 8.
Lowlights of the song: Put a donk on it!
Best lyric: ‘I keep going to the river to pray / Cos I need something that can wash out the pain’

13. Fuse ODG feat. Sean Paul – Dangerous Love
Released: 18.05.14
UK chart: #3

Fuse ODG has been bringing his African-tinged brand of music to the UK chart for a while now, and he keeps getting better. Indeed, Fuse can be seen as a legitimate pop act. Even better is his calling out of Bob Geldof being a twat over the whole Band Aid debacle. We absolutely love what Fuse is doing, and even more so when the one and only SEAN DE PAUL features. Not since The Saturdays have we enjoyed the vocal and lyrical genius of Sean Paul as a featuring artist.

Highlights of the song: The beats. The ‘get on the dancefloor right NOW’ party vibes of the song. “Oh no no no no / You murder der der der me/ Tina-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-eh” and of course Sean Paul’s world class “badam-badam”.
Lowlights of the song: None.
Best lyric: ‘Just give me that tick to the tock’

Your love nicole

12. Nicole Scherzinger – Your Love
UK chart: 

Obviously we have a massive gayboy crush on the Scherz, but let’s face it, she looks H.O.T. in the video. And we like to prance around our bedroom pretending to be Scherzy writhing around on the beach.

Highlights of song:  The song sounds so cool, hardly a word usually associated with the Scherz. Compare it to her previous single ‘Boomerang’, and the two couldn’t be much further apart sonically. Whilst ‘Boomerang’ offered us the pure pop that we usually crave, ‘Your Love’ has a deeper, darker hook to it that we just love. It’s a little grimy, very sexy, and a touch J.Lo. Essentially, it’s bloody brilliant and should have been a smash hit. That ‘Do-do-do-do’ bit is quite possibly heaven on earth. What a treat to the ears.
Lowlights of the song: None.
Best lyric: There are two: the aforementioned ‘do-do-do-do’ is sublime, as is the epic ‘Something bout you so enticing / Even when I try and fight it / Knock me out like Michael Tyson’.

11. Ariana Grande ft. Zedd – Break Free
UK chart:

We’re in the business end of the chart now. But seriously. What. A. Tune.

Highlights of the song: A certified dance-floor-beckoning pop banger. “This is / The part when / I say I don’t want ya / I’m stronger than I’ve been before’. It is officially amazing. 
Lowlights of the song: 
Must Ariana Grande put out good songs? We’d love a song like this fronted by somebody like Ke$ha or Rihanna.
Best lyric: ‘You were better, deeper, I was under your spell’


10. Cher Lloyd – Just Be Mine
Released: N/A
UK chart: N/A

The second of Cher’s non-released entries on the chart. If 2014 is remembered for any transformational pop moments, it should be remembered as the year Cher Lloyd matured into a bona fide popstar. We had our doubts after the release of 2011’s ‘Sticks & Stones’, which hosted some very credible pop moments, but was also clearly steered towards a tweenage market and thus had a lot of filler on it. Cher’s long awaited and much-delayed sophomore album, the ironically titled ‘Sorry I’m Late’, may have seen her leave Simon Cowell’s management, but it was full of moments of absolute pop brilliance. One of the biggest problems of the whole campaign was that none of the best moments were released as singles.

The question is, can Cher sustain her career given her relative lack of success? With LA Reid backing her, and appearing in places such as Demi Lovato’s Icona Pop soundalike ‘Really Don’t Care’, where she makes a fun-filled cameo, we would suggest the odds are in her favour. However, we all know that pop is a cruel mistress and greatly relies upon connecting with the public. We fear that the gays will not be enough to sustain Cher’s career and thus she really needs a surefire hit, and soon. To our ears, ‘Just Be Mine’ is that surefire hit. It also seems like a natural sequel, both sonically and thematically, to her last breakout hit, ‘Want U Back‘. But what do we know?

Highlights of the song: “Ah-ooh” / “Ah ha ha ah ahh” / “Just be miiiiiiiiiiine” / “Wooooh-ooh-ooh”. It’s 10% Cher and 250% Popfoolish.
Lowlights of the song: Cher doesn’t know what lowlights are.
Best lyric: ‘You say I don’t treat you right / I say that you’re too uptight / Then we have a stupid fight / I don’t mean to hurt you but I do’


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