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Bag Raiders – Waterfalls EP

You simply must buy the 3 track ‘Waterfalls’ EP by Bag Raiders. The Ozzie electropop duo first appeared on our radar with 2009’s absolutely epic ‘Shooting Stars‘, a song we have drunkenly declared on more that one occasion is perhaps one of our very favourite songs in the world. Ever. Sounding at once nostalgically familiar but also tinged with hints of regret and sorrow that will really make you feel, this gradually building electropop tune will forever have a place in our hearts. We also challenge you to find a song that sounds better at 5am in the morning after a night of no sleep.
They continued this impressive form by enlisting the fabulous Dan Black to provide vocals for the 2010 single ‘Sunlight‘. This continued with the trend of songs that sound not only nostalgic and familiar, yet also with a nervous undertone to it.

In July 2015, the ‘Waterfalls’ EP was released. We acquired the EP in late August 2015, just before we went away travelling, and so weren’t able to give it the attention it deserved at the time. Upon our return, the EP was sitting at the top of our iTunes, and we decided to give it a cheeky whirl or two. All three tracks are absolute belters in their individual ways.
Bag Raiders
Waterfalls‘, the lead single from the EP, has an absolutely infection ‘Woah, yeah, oh na na na’ refrain. The male vocalist (uncredited, and so presumably one of the Raiders) has an extremely agreeable tone and depth to his voice. In traditional Raiders style, the song starts off fairly low-key before reaching a spine-tingling joyful conclusion. We are living for this song right now.

Vapour Trails‘ starts off solemnly, as opposed to the sheer joyfulness we feel come the end of ‘Waterfalls’. The sense that everything is not quite right is omnipresent, furthered by the lyrics (‘Reaching out for your trust… I keep dreaming on…’) It’s also a much longer track, at nearly 6 minutes. Be patient, dear popfools, for good things come to those who wait. At 3:15, after an absolutely gorgeous build up, there is a solid release which makes sense to the whole song. The only criticism of the song would be that nothing is resolved come its end: there is still a lingering sense of unease.
Bag Raiders 3Fortunately, the EP is brought to a close by ‘Wonderland‘. The intro to ‘Wonderland’ harks back to the Raiders earlier material from 2009, but the chorus comes out of nowhere to knock you out in a single blow of complete and utter synthy dream pop delight. (‘In a dream you held my hand / and we walked to Wonderland.’) This is what we came for.

Just buy the EP now from iTunes, or your prefered digital music retailer. We promise you won’t regret it.

VERDICT: These tracks are for anyone who can consider themselves a true popfool!


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