Song of the Week

Song of the Month: January 2017

In a blatantly ill-fated attempt to blog a little bit more during 2017, but with recognition that AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME TO BLOG, I’m going to start doing a “Song of the Month”. The SOTM will most likely not be current, and may not even be pop (!!), but is simply going to be a song I am feeling at a particular point in time.

Song of the Month: January 2017

Annie – WorkX2
As any loyal popfool should know, the crown of Queen of effortlessly cool, deliciously wistful, and hauntingly glacial electro pop deservedly belongs to Anne Lilia Berge Strand, better known to you and I as simply Annie. I last blogged about her well-observed homage to raving, 2013’s ‘Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts‘. However, to think that all has been quiet on the Annie front since 2013 would be a foolish thought indeed. First came her ‘A&R EP’ which I won’t say much about as I want to review it some day. However it saw Annie reunited with megastar pop producer Richard X and therefore, needless to say, all kinds of complete and utter pop delight ensue. In 2015, Annie released the “Endless Vacation” EP, from which today’s SOTM hails. ‘WorkX2’ is a collaboration with Richard X and longtime popwriter extraordinaire Hannah Robinson.

WorkX2 is surely destined to be, if it isn’t already, an iconic gay anthem. Annie puts her man in his place by informing him that he better step up if he expects to go anywhere near her. Indeed on ‘WorkX2’ Annie demonstrates what a true independent woman should be in modern terms: in complete control of the situation and openly mocking her guy (at one point she says ‘Pity you poor fool’ AMAZING!). Is anything more joyous than the moment at around 2:24 when Annie starts ‘Oooh-oooh-oooh’ing? Also notable are the spoken “Come on boy!” bits, which is definitely said with a wry smile on her face. Clocking in at three minutes twenty in length, is WorkX2 the pinnacle of Annie’s career yet? It just may be.

You’l enjoy this one if you like:

  • Dancing in the kitchen
  • Working out in the gym
  • Telling people to “WORK” (or “werq!”)
  • Sassy independent women
  • Electro influenced pop music
  • Bangers

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