NEW: Roar

Katy Perry – Roar

The return of Katy Perry should have been one of the year’s most exciting pop events. We generally find that Katy fits in the ‘middle league’ of popstars in terms of output: her output can be split very easily into a) AMAZING and b) SHIT. With her last two singles released, ‘Part Of Me’ and ‘Wide Awake’, Katy was already on a bit of a ‘SHIT’ streak in our eyes. This has been extended with the release of ‘Roar’ which sadly firmly slots into the latter category.

Bits we like about the song can be summarised by: ‘RO-OA-OA-OA-OA-OA-OR’.

Otherwise, an extremely uninspiring and lacklustre effort from someone who should be leading the pop industry from the front. To be frank we expect better from you Katy. You may be busy roaring but we’re busy yawning.


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